The mission of the Network of Open Organizations is to connect together organizations involved in pursuing this vision. It is a learning network. A place for sharing and learning from each other about what is happening around open education in different parts of the world. It serves as an intersection where the paths of different organizations cross and where collective efforts and activities can be coordinated. It provides a forum for organizations to tackle and work together on big-picture issues and specific initiatives that require collective effort to solve. It generates collective group advocacy. The Network collectively undertakes practical, pragmatic projects, including those that support the implementation of UNESCO Recommendation on OER and ways to harness the Recommendation in new and innovative ways. The Network of Open Orgs also looks at crossroads with other open domains and collaborates on open initiatives (open science, open data, open GLAM, AI etc.) that go beyond the UNESCO OER Recommendation. Ultimately, the Network of Open Organizations provides a means for organizations to become more than the sum of their parts.